having my pumpkin and eating it too


I don’t know when enjoying pumpkin-everything made a girl “basic” but if loving pumpkin is wrong, I don’t want to be right. It’s my birthday at the end of the week and I wanted to enjoy SOMEthing pumpkin without feeling like I completely went off track with healthy eating. So I found a weight watchers recipe for pumpkin spice cupcakes and adapted it a bit. In all fairness, my recipe is more like a muffin vs. a cupcake because there is no icing happening here!

Makes 12 regular-sized muffins


  • 1/2 box of Duncan Hines spice cake box mix
  • 1/2 banana
  • 3/4 cup canned pumpkin
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 scoops vanilla protein
  • 1/2 cup water
  • Pumpkin pie spice to top

Mix all ingredients (excluding the spice) with a mixer, fill cupcake tray with mix, top each one with sprinkle of spice before popping in the oven for 16 minutes at 325 degrees.

Yes, it’s THAT simple. AND they are husband-approved!

I ate one right out of the oven with some fat free Reddi whip on top.

No clue what the calorie/macro breakdown is because I’m not logging numbers/counting anything these days… but I do know that I don’t feel guilty for having one. #nonscalevictory

My PSL substitution


Before indulging, I’ve been asking myself…will this get me closer to my goal, or will it keep me stationary?

I admittedly had 1 PSL and decided it was not worth all of the carbs and sugar! Plus, I would like to lose the rest of this weight so I can wear my fall and winter clothing! PSLs are unfortunately NOT going to get me closer to that goal!

Here’s how I’m enjoying my pumpkin…!


– dash pumpkin pie spice

– Green Mountain pumpkin spice coffee k-cup

– splash of milk

– 2 sweet n low packets

– 1/2 Gerbers pumpkin baby food (trust me on this one – it’s a thinner consistency than the canned purée and mixes well)

– 3 sweet leaf English toffee drops

Optional – fat free whipped cream on top!

Combine and enjoy all the warm and fuzzy feelings fall brings!

wellness, to me


Wellness means different things to different people. I have struggled on both sides of the spectrum when it comes to diet and fitness. Binge eating… not eating. Working out 2x a day vs. doing nothing at all. To me, wellness means I have a healthy relationship with food and exercise. It means I’m not calorie counting, weighing my food, or sneak-eating and hiding the evidence in the bottom of the trash can. It means I can have cake and I can also have kale. It means I’m making an effort to be active, but not tearing myself down if I don’t hit the gym.

This section of the site (and of my life) is about balance and follows my journey into positive body image post partum. You’ll find adapted and completely made-up recipes that allow me to experience guilt-free eating.

While I do see a weight management doctor, I am obviously not one myself. I eat processed food. I look for cooking shortcuts to save time and make things easy. I am not on a low-carb, low-fat, sugar-free, low-sodium, no sweets diet. I’m simply finding ways to make food work for me instead of against me.