My PSL substitution


Before indulging, I’ve been asking myself…will this get me closer to my goal, or will it keep me stationary?

I admittedly had 1 PSL and decided it was not worth all of the carbs and sugar! Plus, I would like to lose the rest of this weight so I can wear my fall and winter clothing! PSLs are unfortunately NOT going to get me closer to that goal!

Here’s how I’m enjoying my pumpkin…!


– dash pumpkin pie spice

– Green Mountain pumpkin spice coffee k-cup

– splash of milk

– 2 sweet n low packets

– 1/2 Gerbers pumpkin baby food (trust me on this one – it’s a thinner consistency than the canned purée and mixes well)

– 3 sweet leaf English toffee drops

Optional – fat free whipped cream on top!

Combine and enjoy all the warm and fuzzy feelings fall brings!

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