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I’m mandy. I married Corey in 2014, and we welcomed our rainbow baby, Grace, in November of 2017. We just moved into our forever home that I’m loving decorating! I’m navigating being a first-time mom, and still trying to get used to how life has slowed down with a little one… while trying to keep my relationship with Jesus, marriage, our house, and my social life in tact… and still trying to lose the baby weight. Oh, and my hubs just bought a home to flip, so I’ll be documenting the progress here, too!

This blog has existed for years. When I started it, I was fresh out of college, newly-wed, trying to figure out where I wanted to take my career. I wanted a safe place to vent and write down my thoughts and convictions. Since then, we’ve gone through challenges that are still shaping me. I’ve traveled to Europe and across the states through my career in advertising and marketing — accustomed to a fast-paced work environment, always feeling tired. Now things have slowed down immensely and I’m a stay at home mom, still always tired.

Today, this blog is still a place to write down my thoughts, but it’s also a place to celebrate my favorite people and parts of life… God, family, friends, finding balance, and home decor… hopefully making someone’s day along the way.

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