a leap of faith.


What would it take for you to walk away from a sure thing, to pursue a passion that has been burning inside you?

Today my husband officially began his career in real estate. For the longest time, he has been talking about joining his dad’s team. He had an excellent job, especially for being his first professional one after graduating college. He was by no means unhappy in his career, but he felt called to help others buy and sell homes.

When he passed his realtor’s exams, I was so incredibly, genuinely happy for him – I saw the excitement in his eyes. I felt the motivation. I knew this was what he wanted to do, and truthfully, what he was meant to do.

But I had fears. I am a planner and love routine. I am predictable. I loved the idea and potential of this career, and even more so, I loved that it would fulfill him professionally.

That said, the idea of him leaving a job with a sure income scared me half to death.

I quickly spiraled down the dark hole of what if’s until I had to share all of these concerns welling up inside of me. When I talked to him about it, he reminded me about a little thing called faith.

What I have always admired about my husband is his eternal optimism. We joke about it from time to time – how happy-go-lucky he is and how critical and analytical I am. But having that conversation with him made me realize that is not the trait of optimism that I admire, but instead, the faith that in God that is instilled in his heart.

When he says he knows it will be okay, he truly believes it. He knows it. When I start to lose sight, he brings me back. And it is because of that faith that he [we] can venture into the unknown – to jump.

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